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Best Portable Phone Chargers – Reviewed & Ranked

Best Portable Phone Chargers – Reviewed & Ranked

by Mark RaffertyJanuary 26, 2020

So you want your phone juiced all the time. Then you gotta look high and low without a service like us. We aim to show you the best portable cell phone chargers there are so you can get your day through without many issues with your phone’s battery. All of us have phone battery issues throughout the day. So why not grab yourself the best portable charger there is.

1) Anker Portable Charger

Anker portable charger.

The Anker portable charger is formiddable amongst the choices out there, I’m telling you that you won’t get much better than an Anker. You may get a replica but you’l never get the same quality. You can be assured all the facts about your Anker are true.

That’s the great thing about big brands, you can trust what they say and Anker is a huge brand for portable goods for mobiles, cell phones etc. You can bet you can simultaneously charge your cell phone and other devices in style and with competence when you choose Anker portable chargers. They just scream HIGH QUALITY goods for you, so why wouldn’t you grab yours today,

($) Check out the price on


  • Top Quality Brand
  • Highest Quality Product
  • Award Winning Brand
  • Award Winning Products

2) Beston Portable Charger

Beston Portable Charger

So you think you know chargers? I don’t think so, as Beston are not so reputable out there but their guarantee for product satsifaction is. They have claims to fame and you’ve got to decide if those claims are going to rope you into buying from them or not. I think I can help you with that.

You want truth and you’ve got it with Beston. That’s the main thing, if they’re going to advertise something you want to know it’s true. As a reputable brand you can be assured of this. SO why don’t you check out the prices of Beston portable chargers using the link below.

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  • Highly Competitive Products
  • Highly Competitive Brand
  • Up and Coming Brand
  • Refreshing Brand

3) Fatshark Powerbank (Powershark)

Powershark Powerbank

Reliability doesn’t come easily these days. Aa lot of cheap stuff breaks. That’s what we don’t want but here’s a surpisingly cheap popwerbank that hasn’t broken for the many and very few bad reports about it. This means the quality is on par and you’re lucky something so cheap exists. It’s not like cheap headphones, they’re just gonna fall apart, it’s not like that at all.

So with the POWERSHARK you will pay cheap and end up with a great product at that price. I recommend popping over to Amazon to check out the price using the link below.

($) Check POWERSHARK Powerbank prices on Amazon.


  • Cool Name Product
  • Reputable Brand
  • Powerful Image Brand
  • Quirky Brand

4) Aibocn Portable Charger

Aibocn portable charger

Rummaging high and low for the best offers for you has been hard. There are too many portable chargers to choose from. That I can help you with my narrowing down to just these 5. These 5 have completed your journey to purchasing the right portable charger for you.

I have to apologise some cheap ones made it on here but they have a massive reputation and I’m not here to tear the pocket out of you. I’m here to make sure you look after the pennies and pounds look after thesmelves. Dollar dollar dollar. This is another cheap charher worth its weight in gold for how cheaop and feature rich it is. Go grab it now whille it still has any left, just do that by checking out the prices on Amazon,

($) Check prices for Aibocn charger on Amazon.


  • Very Lightweight
  • Strong Brand
  • Warranty Included

c5) INFUZE Slim Pocket Sized Portable Charger

INFUZE portable charger

INFUZ pack power with their punch. No joke. They have nailed the perfect little nifty pocket sized slim portable charger for you to take home today. Take it home whenever you want but if it’s not today, I warn you the pitfalls of some of the chargers out there. You don’t want a wrinkly old charger that serves you no good and you’re at the end of our list.

I can assure you that even though choices are diffifcult, you’ve had the expensive, the cheap and the inbetween and this is the inbetweener. I really hope you know a sensible purchase when you see one like this. It’s a very sensible buy and all you gotta do now is check the prices below.

($) Check prices for INFUZE charger on Amazon


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Snazzy Product
  • Strong Sturdy Product

Portable Phone Charger Buying Guide

So you want to get the most out of your phone with a portable phone charger? Then you’ve landed on the right page for only the best portable phone chargers money can buy. There’s nothing but the best here but what makes our choices so great. It’s in the buying guide, it’s all in the buying guide.

Choosing the best brand portable phone charger

Choosing by brand isn’t necessary, it’s simplicity and features you want to choose from. Capacity being the biggest feature you want to look for, you don’t want a small capacity and you don’t want an overly large capacity that you forget to charge it. Choosing by brand is a big no, no here; there are so many brands to choose from, you really don’t want to do this.

Choosing the right capacity for your portable phone charger

This is made a difficult choice, and why you should select from our list above. Because it’s been made so difficult to choose a capacity we think you should select one from the list above so you’re not wading out there with no rod to catch one on. You want to catch one properly with no hassle then choose from above and capacity won’t be a problem for you. We’ll link you to them later in the FAQ section, just in case you want to keep reading.

Choosing the right color for your portable phone charger

If you have time to care about the color of your portable phone charger, you have too much time in your day. I really don’t have time to care what color my portable charger is, but if you do then check out these fab inter-changeable color portable phone chargers. Well forget that and scrap that idea, there’s a business idea for someone brewing here and now, get on it while you can if you’re in any way entrepreneurial. There is no inter-changeable color portable phone chargers. Go figure.

Portable Phone Chargers FAQ

The FAQ is designed to answer frequently asked questions without going overboard with the amount of questions. Just answering the most frequently asked questions about the way we do it, not the way everyone does it, it’s the easiery way.

What portable phone charger should I buy?

Hmm. We have reviewed and ranked 5 of the best portable phone chargers above and they are as follows below too. We have listed them twice just so you can be sure to see what you’re looking at. Also if you buy from us, we are a non-profit helping people in financial crises, which will never go away as long as the earth exists. These are what you should buy;

Do I need more than one portable charger for my phone?

Do you need more than one portable charger for your phone? We think so. We don’t think you should only have one. We think you should have one and at least one backup one just in case it breaks on you. There’s no invincible portable charger so you won’t have problems if you have a backup charger. Just think of it like this; would you go without charge for a day? Then why would you go without a backup power bank?

Is there an invincible portable phone charger?

No. Don’t be silly, they’ll always wear and tear and fall apart. Unfortunately you don’t know how long you’ll get out of your charger but know that it’s so easy for them to break. This way you’ll care for yours more than you should and always be ready to buy a new one or have a spare in case it breaks. You don’t have the opportunity to find an invincible portable charger, it’s not like these brick phones you can buy for workmen, and they don’t even have interest in them, their iPhone, Android etc. is too precious for them.

Conclusion and Wrapping Up

I bet you’re glad you came to this page after searching high and low for the perfect portable phone charger, for you. We didn’t make no mistake while doing our research and for the year 202 we have summed up the portable charger to only 5 out of many, we don’t mind if you choose differently, just click this link to go through to Amazon and buy any one you want.

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