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Best Chargers for Android – Reviewed and Ranked

Best Chargers for Android – Reviewed and Ranked

by Mark RaffertyJanuary 26, 2020

You might think of going out and buying any old charger from the Internet and it will be okay for your phone but this isn’t the case. There are many brands and especially failure brands that still make it to sale. You don’t want to buy these failure brands and you want something that will protect your phone as you charge it.

Failure brands have been known to destory phones so pay close attention to our list of 5 and not too much attention to anything else. We’re here to help you avoid worst case scnearios and move towards best case scenarios so without further ado, here is our first charger for android that is well recommended by many,

Adaptive Fast Wall Charger for Samsung and other Brands

Samsung adaptive chargers

This charger is highly reconizable if you’ve ever been charger shopping before. If you haven’t it’s a samsung adaptive faqst charger desiged to take advantage of technology inside Samsung phones and some other phones, that helps it to charge faster and it comes first place as it is highly reputable.

Don’t worry if you don’t have Smasung because there are more chargers to look at. This includes 4 more, Lucky Samsung users cna skip the rest and check out the prices on the below link.

($) Check prices for Samsung charger on Amazon.

2) Charging Cube

Cube andorid charger

The charging cube is some yoke Hi. It’s a little cube shaped charger that’ll bring a smile to your face as you open her up. She’s a dainty little charger you can have a lot of respect for. The making of the cube must have been most fun but not more fun than your use will be.

If you can imagine yourself enjoying making one of these, you can surely see yourself using one happily and forever. Yes they lasst long and they aren’t just a cube. They are a highly technological creation to give your phone a great charge and a fast one at that. The inbuilt protextion features will have you standing for this product.

($) Check Cube charger prices on Amazon.

3) Hootek Wall Charger

Hootek wall charger for android

I can meander the streams and streams of chargers but non stand out as much as these Hootek ones. They aare again a funny shape but that’s all the technology in them for keeping your phone in good order. They are shaped to fit all the technology and you can be sure of a swift charge when using the Hootek charger.

Exactly how fast does it go? This is unknown but it’s a fast charger without all the claim to fame. And if you want to get your hands on one then check out the following link.

($) Check Hootek prices on Amazon

Android Charger Buying Guide

To buy a good android charger you first must kow what you’re looking for. There is much to know about a great android charger even when you think there isn’t. A study done by professionals in the UK found that chargers were not wht they seemed and were horribly made; even dangerous to the user.

This is why you must select from the best brands and find worthy products to buy, to keep yourself and your phone safe AND well. There are complications from buying a dodgy charger and you must be aware that you don’t want dodgy chargers if you can at least afford not to fall into that pitfall, you won’t be going to the dollar store to buy a dodgy charger. Yes dodgy chargers exist even to this day, even with compliance regulations they still exist so beware and look out for the following things.

Compliant Hardware with Regulations

Compiance to hardware testing and regulations isn’t something the UK research into dollar store chargers had found. They had found that there was no compliance to regulations and staandards and the dollar store were putting users and their phhones at serious risk of harm. Harming your phone isn’t the worst thing, but getting electrocuted is a whole other thing.

Ensruing your battle with a good charger find is easy fought, would be to buy from the list above. However if you’re buying another on than these then please be sure to ask that it is compliance with safety regulations, also that it has been tested.

Brand Awareness, Choosing a Good Brand

If you’re not awre of brands it’s best to listen to an expert, as above; Mark has chosen the best brands on the market for andorid chargers. If you don’t know an expert it’s best to snap up one of these deals from the links provided to Amazona (above), because an expert can only tell you the truth about a good android charger to buy. If you want expert advice easiery is only expert advice, well researched and well balanced review material for you to choose from.

You don’t want shoddy brands hurting you or runining your phone on you so make sure you know how to sleect the best brand android charger for you. If you’re in a hurry you don’t need to look further than the choices on this page. Beware of dodgy review sites that don’t put the time and effort into research. Your research into the best android charger has been done for you, the easiery way to shopping.

Longevity; Known Reputation for Long Lasting Andorid Chargers

By doing your research into android chargers the common problems you will find are longevity and non-standard’s compliant chargers. Based on a stringent review process you will find the best android chargers for you are located at the top of the ile, with the most and best reviews of all. There isn’t much to say about longeivty when it comes to buying a new charger because I already know that’s why you’re porbaby here.

Either you’ve lost your charger or you have had a longevity problem with your current charger and want only the best this time around. You can’t expect longevity from every charger because you may drop it and bash it about so it won’t work anyore. The best chargers you’ll find are strong enough for a bit of bashing and ropping as the ones elected above are known for.

Strong and Sturdy Charger So You Can Bash it Around and it Still Works

Chargers will take a beating whether you lik it or not. Somethiing under your foot, might be the charger again. Longeivty isn’t the only thing you need. You need a charger that can take a battering, a good ole bashing and still survive. The survival technique of your charger is in the brand’s sturdy build of your charger, what you should certainly seek in a charger is that it can take a bashing.

Without being able to take a bashing the charger is no good to you anyway. The truth is that your charger is primed and ready if you select from the list above here. The list above are strong and sturdy chargers that know how to take a beating.

Android Chargers FAQ

A lot of research has went into this FAQ so pleasse consider buying one of our recdommened charger uisng the links above. We are a non-proft organisation stemming from Mark Rafferty’s charitable project coordinatioon successes. We decided that we are a non-profit chartiable ecommerce store.

The frequently aske questions about android chargers is a long tiresome list so we have detailed it in ias little as possible to keep you from straying foor the golden rules. Too many questions listed and you will be clouded with doubt about which charger to buy e en though we have recommened the top ones to choose from.

Is there an invincicle android charger?

Sadly not. The real answer is no. You could have your cupboardd fall on top of a supposedly invincible android charger and it would be broken. So the asnwer is no. An all around no, that it’s just not possible to create and invincible android charger.

What brands of android chargers are best?

The brand isn’t what makes the charger the best. It is the features that you’re looking for. Keeping it simple is the best way to do it, that’s why we selected the above chargers for the sturdy reliability and simplicity. You don’t want overcomplicated technologies screwinf witrh your head so don’t think any one brand is the best, the experts are the ones who know this. It’s a;lso logcical to KISS (keep it simple stupid), and many brands are overcomplicating the technologies in their chargers.

Should I buy from easiery through the links provided?

Supporting charity and buying an an droid charger, You awesome human, We love you. We have been trying not to overcompicate shopping for the past decade and after going non-profit we have found solssitce for recommding you b uy throuhg our links. Please do, with focus on us as being the non-profit chartiable team you bought from to support chartiable projects.

What do I look for in and Android charger?

The thing to look for is simplicty and sturdiness in design. You don’t want a complicated charger KISS (keep it simple stupid), you want an easy tpo use strong charger and expert advice wil llead you to the right chargers to choose from. We have complied our list above and promise you there’s nothing simpler, and that’s including a super fast charger for samsung AND other brands. We would recommend the Qual Comm, but it doesn’t work with every Android phone and neither does the Samsung one but at least it’s marketed for Samsung only fast charging. You won’t expect fast charing from this one if your phone isn’t Samsung.

Who makes the best Android charger?

Do you want to KISS (keep it simple stuid) , or keep it complicated? Keeping it complictaed you could say Quall Comm. tehnologies make the best charger but we think differetly. As you can see from our list above and below, which is as follows, we don’t think the literal best charger, is the best.

How long will my Android charger last?

Long lasting Andoroid chargers are mostly a myth, people have broken ones all the time. You can’t sacrifice one charger to buy another unleesss you lose yours or break yours. It’s best to have a backup charger so buy two whe nyou buy one. Not buy one get one free, but buy one and get two to be on the safe side. Keeping one in storage in case yours breaks. It will innwevitablly break so you need to get two chargrs when you buy one. The ones we listed above are strong and sturdy but even they might not last froever so always buy two.

Do I need to buy two Android chargers?

Cponsdiering the longevity of an Android charger isn’t guaranteed the nyou need to beware of the pitfalls of not buying two chargers. One breaks and you’re out of the game fast, needing to buy a new one. Well that isn’t much of a prize when you could buy two or more and have the full prize. It’s that simple, buy two because longevity is a huge Android charger problem.

Conlusion and Wrapping Up

As you can see there is a lot of detail for a simple Android charger and why you’re in safe hands with MArk’s expert advice. He has tried a lot of cahrgers and found that the KISS (keep it simple) approach has filtered the right chargers into Mark’s hands. You won’t need to find another charger once you’ve chosen one of the three above, we asasure you our research is done with pride and for non-profit, all while making it easier for you to choose the right products; in this case Android chargers.

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