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Best King Sized Mattress Cover – Reviewed & Ranked

Best King Sized Mattress Cover – Reviewed & Ranked

by Mark RaffertyJanuary 26, 2020

Welcome to our official list of best king size mattress covers. We have selected the three that will tickle your fancy today, tomorrow and the next day. You will find more information on king size mattress covers below.

Highest Ranked & Rated King Size Mattress Covers

You’ll want your mattress to last you as long as possible and what better way than with a great mattress protector. So we went out there and researched for you then ranked and rated the best king size mattress cover money will buy you.

You don’t want a messy mattress, they’re almost impossible to clean. You can’t even sit down on your mattress without thinking how you will get it cleaned so you should invest in a good mattress protector. That way you’ll not be having the issue of finding it impossible to clean your mattress.

Mum always kept mattresses in best condition using double mattress protection, waterproof and fabric one. And Mum knows best so there you go you’re doing the right thing for your mattress.

1) SafeRest King Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector – Vinyl Free

Saferest King Size Mattress Protector

SafeRest came up in our queen and double sized list and made it to the top and here we are again. They are top of the list for the best king size mattress cover, what more could you ask for than a reputable brand standing over your prized possession, your mattress on your bed. Hypoallergenic, waterproof and vinyl free are claims to fame you won’t want to miss out on.

The SafeRest brand outranks all other brands for some strange reason, must be a marketing push they’ve devoured the little guys and forgot that they themselves could be a little guy. Anyhow pushing on from t hat it’s still a great mattress cover even though it’s such a pushover to other brands. Somehow it upholds it’s stance as the most reviewed and recommended mattress cover on sites like Amazon, but how can you trust fake reviews? There’s the [possibility fake reviews are on Amazon so have your heartfelt caring review from us instead.

($) Check prices for SafeRest on Amazon

2. SureGuard King Size Mattress Protector – 100% Waterproof, Hypoallergenic – Premium Fitted Cotton

SureGuard King Size Mattress Protector

SureGuard your mattress today with the SureGuard hypoallergenic and waterproof mattress. What better way to do it than the right way? Hypoallergenic whether you have allergies or not will mean anyone else coming to sleep by your side with allergies will have a good night’s rest and it will keep the nitty gritty from getting at your kids, if you have kids.

The SureGuard mattress protector is the single most useful type of mattress cover there is. With being cotton and waterproof you won’t need a double ,mattress protector like my Mum used to use. You will only need one mattress cover as one side is waterproof and the other side is cotton. This means you will have comfort and waterproof mattress from your mattress cover. What more could you ask for?

($) Check SureGuard Mattress Price on Amazon

3. Kingnex Waterproof Mattress Protector King Size Bamboo Cotton Hypoallergenic Breathable Mattress Pad Cover

Kingnex King Size Mattresss Protector

The Kingnex is a sustainable breathing space for everyone with it’s low price compared to other mattress protectors. This mattress protector is what you could call a budget mattress protector with a high reputation for selling like hotcakes and getting the job done. It gets the job done how it should be and at an affordable cost to you, around $30 only for a King Size mattress cover. It’s a small price to pay for a big thing, when you think about the amount of labor that goes into a mattress cover you’ll realize how affordable this one is.

It’s marketed at those that prefer value shopping as compared to high quality, high end brand shopping, which none of should do but many of us do. There is high quality bed mattress covers for king size beds and then there’s affordable. You want to be in between both at best but we can’t help our consumerist market reaching out for high end stuff when it comes to King size bed mattress covers. People want only the best, well this is best and value for money at the same time. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to delve deep into the market for bed mattresses without spending a fortune, this is your main prerogative, I hope.

($) Check Kingex King Size Mattress Cover on

King Size Mattress Cover Buying Guide

You don’t want to buy nasty products for your bed and it’s not likely going to happen, especailly when you cling onto our advice with all ears. Your local dollar shop could probably hand you a a mattress cover that has been laboured over for hours, but support our labourers, pay good money and they will be happier too. You can’t have the best of both worlds and not pay a hefty price for a mattress cover.

You don’t want to shop by price either, you want to shop by value and succession of your own values in what you’re seeking. Maybe you value hypoallergenic, maybe you don’t believe in that, much like myself. People who need hypoallergenic aren’t getting dirty enough and risk dying of viruses and whatnot, so maybe you’re like me and the dirtier the better, so you can also go for value too. When I say dirty, I mean that you’re not a hypoallergenic fan, we don’t need that with our faith inbuilt into us, why should we?

Hypoallergenic or not is the question?

You won’t get value for money if you go hypoallergenic and you won’t (for sure), have the ability to fight off allergies as easy as you would by being exposed to them. So why would you need hypoallergenic when you’re going to be more susceptible to allergies if you’re not exposed to them. It’s better to think like a king than a person afraid of an allergy so take your choice wisely about hypoallergenic expensive equipment and you’ll do just fine.

Is value for money the answer?

Have you ever heard of buying useless necessities? The value for money idea is the answer to life’s problems for everything, not over-complicated, KISS (keep it simple stupid). You want to be able to value your time and money so act like it. Value for money King size mattress cover are better than wasting all your money on over-complicated expensive options.

What should you expect from your King size mattress cover?

Don’t expect all fluff no thrills because keeping your mattress clean is as important as brushing your teeth. Once you keep it clean it will last you for years and years. Nowadays mattresses are equipped to do everything you need for years and years. So keeping it clean means it will last you long into the future. You should expect your mattress cover to keep your mattress clean and nothing more than that. Keeping your mattress clean is all a mattress cover is designed to do so don’t over-complicate it.

What happens if you buy an expensive mattress cover?

You will support capitalism and the world will fall apart then you will become a pro swimmer from not being on the Ark. No seriously, you shouldn’t need to buy an expensive mattress cover because all it should be for is keeping your mattress clean. There’s nothing you can do if you want to buy an expensive mattress cover but that shouldn’t be your gauge. Your gauge should be value for money as mentioned above.#

What happens if you buy a cheap King size mattress cover?

Allergens are the only difference, the more expensive mattress covers will give you allergen free sleeping. You don’t need this, you need exposure to a allergens to be free from their symptoms. I haven’t had a flu in 10 years (2020 )because I’m a Londoner and I’m exposed to it on a daily basis with the tourists. Either that or I’m a magician with prowess against viruses. I don’t know what will happen if you buy a cheap mattress cover unless it’s a bad one that labors people too much. One of those is a bad cheap one, but you won’t find them anywhere once our world wakes up to equality and not capitalism. Yes you won’t fund capitalism with a cheaper one, that’s the best I got because all it’s got to do is keep your mattress clean. The labor reckons it’s too cheap though what you have to do is know that cheaper is best when it comes to mattress protectors. Be the minimalist inside you and donate more to others.

King Size Mattress FAQ

The FAQ is designed to give you insight into commonly asked questions about King size mattress covers. The most commonly asked questions are spanning far and wide so we have narrowed it down to just a few or a couple depending on how you look at it. There is a question for everyone so please don’t forget to comment below if there’s anything unanswered.

What is a hypoalergenic mattress cover?

It’s the difference between you being exposed to allergens or not. Whether you think that’s a good thing or not is up to you. Personally I think that being exposed to allergens is better than not. You never know what’s coming your way an d being exposed is probably better than not. You won’t know if you don’t try it so why would you buy expensive hypoallergenic mattress covers. Do you need hypoallergenic mattress covers? Probably not, it’s just a marketing gimmick at the end of the day. Pro swimmers don’t get fit by doing no hard work, hard work with the allergens means avoiding the hypoallergenic mattress cover.

Why do cheap and expensive mattress cover exist?

That’s capitalism for you. Hidden in plain sight is the conflict of interests between fair and extortionate. You want to be fairer? Go with the mid value one, but don’t forget that you can also buy from all three, low, mid and high to satisfy the markets needs. The industrialist revolution left capitalism in control and profit companies taking the mickey out of us poor consumers. So the reason a cheap and expensive mattress cover exists, is the answer about capitalism you’ve been waiting for. The features aren’t much different here but there’s a massive gap in the cost to yo., Capitalism at its best, don’t get bitten by the capitalism shark and make it a non profit adventure. Buy from all three levels and satisfy all the market needs.

What to look for in a mattress cover?

A mattress cover is something that you will have a long lasting mattress for. Your mattress needs protecting from dirt and the mattress cover does that. Really and truly all you need to look for is any mattress cover. Don’t worry about allergens, you can buy a mid [priced, low cost, and high cost mattress cover then interchange them as you wash your bed clothes. You should have spare mattress covers for washing your mattress covers. The thing is you only need it to cover your mattress from dirt and grime and that’s all you need to look for.

What King sized mattress covers should I buy?

Knowing what to buy is as above, we have listed three that are applicable to your purchasing needs, buying all three is recommended so you have spare mattress covers. Spare mattress covers will come in handy when you’re changing them over, you an’t just dust them off forever, you’ll need to wash them regularly and change them regular too.

Here are the three we recommend buying.

Conlusion and Wrapping Up

I didn’t think there’d be so much to say about King sized mattress covers for sale around the world. I really thought it would be a lot different than it is, even today we have a complicated capitalist environment to wade around in. You want to buy from all three levels of cost to ensure you’re being a fair purchaser and the purchase you make is meeting market needs. You also need spare mattress covers so buying from all three market needs is possible. That’s why we’ve mentioned it here, so that you buy fairly and evenly when you do. Plus if you buy from our links above you will help a non-profit charitable company that is in the line of affiliate sales for charitable causes. Buy all three and support a good cause while meeting market needs for value across the spectrum.

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