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Around 15+ years ago Mark Rafferty began to learn digital marketing and e-commerce and with this learning came a curve that taught Mark some websites are hard to use and don’t provide for the target market. This is where Mark’s experienced time spent working on digital marketing led to the creation of easiery.

Mark Rafferty CEO easiery

Easiery is designed to narrow down the products and services you wish to buy so you don’t have to do it. The beneficiaries of the content on easiery are those that are looking for products and services but a narrowed down version with an easy to buy pathway.

The idea is that some websites, to many websites have too much clutter and too many decisions to make. It’s said that the general consumer prefers to choose between 3-5 items and many websites force you to choose from way more than that.

3 items was the most preferred with up to 5 being secondary preference. That’s why easiery narrows down your product choices to just 3 products per search. So you have the selection narrow for you from every page on easiery.

We could select many more products but that would defeat the purpose of consumer research and how choosing between 3 products or 5 products, it is easier to choose from 3 products.

Consumers love how easiery narrows down their search for them and many people buy directly from our site through the shopping links provided. We have a large customer base all over America and they’re always happy to purchase based on our recommendations.

Our recommendations are always accompanied with a buying guide and an FAQ because we actively encourage you to know how to select the procurement yourself .

That’s all there really is to easiery. It’s based on psychological studies and great design. The design is designed to load fast on your devices and easily direct you where to purchase your products. That’s really all there is to easiery and we thank you for shopping with easiery.com.

Here you will find we are constantly updating our recommendations and catering to your needs for data and advice on products.