Best Things to Do In Newry


Newry is a city in Northern Ireland that is famous for having the Mourne mountains nearby. It became a city approximately the same time as Lisburn and if you’re visiting, here are the 3 best things to do in Newry.

1. Go to Canal Court Hotel

If you want to experience what the people eat like here, the Canal Court hotel has a carvery on every day. here you will experience great Northern Irish food, spuds and all. It really is the place to be if you visit Newry. It’s why it’s a great city, partly. The nightlife in this area is also fun if you stick around for that part. Depends what tickles your fancy.




2. Go to Timoney’s Ice Cream

Just a short walk from the Canal court hotel is the ice cream parlour. If you ask people what to do in Newry they will tell you to go to Timoney’s ice cream. That’s why it makes the list at number two, because while you think on the loo about a poo, Timoney’s are making lovely ice cream.  It really is something people do think about while going to the loo. An aha moment, let’s have a Timoney’s.





3.   Visit the Cathedral

Newry Cathedral or the Cathedral of Saint Patrick and Saint Colman is how newry became a city, so you have to visit this. It’s a wonderful building and is open to the public. You really have to visit this because Newry is a famous city in Northern Ireland due to having a cathedral (thankfully not the population size for those looking a rest from busy.)

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