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I prefer using web based email clients. This is because I am not always on my own desktop with my lifestyle. I like to get logged in anywhere and everywhere so I have not used a desktop email client in forever. If you’re looking for the best web based email client then you have came to the right place because you have an experts input.

1. Gmail

I’m a fan of Google products so I choose Gmail as being the most useful web based email client. It is feature rich without too much effort. In other words it is easy to use but the features may take some learning. You don’t want to be stuck with a non-feature rich email clients so Gmail is advisable.

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2. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has lost its popularity over the years but they still do an amazing email client. It isn’t as feature rich as Gmail but is certainly worth your time. Having a Yahoo email address is also trustworthy so you can get the job done and be trusted.

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Do you remember Hotmail? I do. This is the progression of Microsoft and Hotmail. It is as feature rich as Outlook desktop client. Though it isn’t on your Desktop. The features on this will take time getting used to but in the end you will have a very feature rich web based email client.

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Web Based Email Client Reviews

Well you didn’t think we could leave you without reviews of the best web based email clients. I couldn’t leave you without reviewing them for their everything you want to know.

#1. Gmail Review

Gmail doesn’t need a review, does it? If you know the company Google then Gmail is feature rich and easy to use. That’s all we need to know, right? That it is feature rich and easy to use. We want the best from our organisation tools. This means using a reputable companies product is usually advisable. Gmail will have you whizzing through email with its feature rich web based email client. You can do all sorts of email organisation with your emails; creating new folders etc is a breeze. For a decent web based email client you don’t need to look further than Gmail in my opinion. I a a fan and use their service daily even though I prefer Apple phones.

Why choose this web based email client?

  • Easy to use
  • Feature rich
  • Inter-connectivity features
  • Optimum lifestyle organisation
  • Beginners welcome

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#2 Yahoo Mail Review

Yahoo needs no introduction, they are leaders when it comes to content. Email is content taken seriously and these guys have provided the email service for a long time. This is also easy to use but less feature rich than the winner for the best email client. Gmail versus Yahoo mail is a big topic and debate but they aren’t far off Gmail in terms of having your email under control. I find Gmail integrates with your calendar etc and is plugged into many websites much easier than Yahoo Mail is. Yahoo mail is a lot less feature rich and useful as Google’s gmail. But nonetheless they are a contender to be the champion web based email client.

Why choose this email client?

  • Easy to use
  • Not keen on features
  • Not keen on inter-connectivity
  • Reputable brand
  • Keeping it simple

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#3 Review should be second but of course Yahoo deserves first place over Outlook. Outlook versus Yahoo Mail is an argument solved simply by features and Outlook punishes Yahoo’s features but doesn’t beat Gmail. This is as feature rich as it gets when it comes to a web based email client. You don’t get any more features than Outlook have squeezed into their product. It is a very versatile email client. If you want features but not as many benefits as Gmail then this is the one to choose. Still Gmail beats them all, it’s your choice.

Why choose this email client?

  • Feature rich
  • Competitors less feature rich
  • Easy to use
  • Great life organisation
  • Inter-connectivity features

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