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Having a rapid egg cooker might be your thing. I prefer the pot and pan but maybe you like the idea of the best rapid egg cooker making your eggs for you. If you like the idea then don’t look any further as we have found the 3 for you. There are many to choose from but we select the best and list them for you. The best rapid egg cookers are especially useful for those that like to eat a lot of eggs because they are an end to the pots and pans you’ve been using. Though if you are cooking lots and lots of eggs a big pot is more recommended than a rapid egg cooker.

#1 Dash DEC012RD Deluxe Egg Cooker

When you think of a rapid egg cooker, you just don’t know anything, do you? Dash are a popular branded egg cooker that might suit you. Because they are so popular you can’t really choose any other so long as you can afford it.


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#2 Chefman Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler, Rapid Egg Maker

If you haven’t heard of Chefman they are a reputable brand that has conquered the different aisles for cooking machines. They have you covered when it comes to rapidly boiling your eggs. The brand is only part of the fun. The rest begins when you start to use their product.

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#3 DBTech Automatic Shut-off Electric Egg Cooker

The last two rapid egg cookers are the same color. If you want a different color then you’re here with this black one. Red might not suit your kitchen or wherever you will use it. It is black and a different color and is from a reputable brand.

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Rapid Egg Cooker Reviews

#1 Dash DEC012RD Deluxe Egg Cooker Review

When it comes to popularity shopping Dash have done it again. They have created a very popular rapid egg cooker. You can’t go far wrong when you choose this one. The brand is very popular for kitchen products and their cooker is top notch. It is extremely popular and comes with a respectable warranty. If you want to cook eggs then this is the machine for cooking. Its popularity speaks for itself.

Why buy this egg cooker?

  • Reputable brand
  • Top seller
  • Good warranty
  • Decent product

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#2 Chefman Electric Egg Cooker/Boiler, Rapid Egg Maker Review

Cooking eggs has gotten easier with the Chefman electric egg cooker. In a few minutes you can have perfectly cooked eggs. There  isn’t much can go wrong with choosing this one. It is manufactured to tip top quality. With a plastic design you might expect the quality to be an issue but not with this one. This one has you covered by being a reputable brand behind making it. If you want to cook eggs rapidly then try the Chefman.

Why buy this egg cooker?

  • Reputable brand
  • Top seller
  • Cooks eggs easily
  • Great warranty

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#3 DBTech Automatic Shut-off Electric Egg Cooker Review

Cooking up to 7 eggs at one time is usually into the pot and wait for them to boil and then switch off the cooker. This egg cooker is touting an automatic shut off for cooking up to 7 eggs at a time. the automatic shut off is probably a big selling point as well as the color of the cooker. These two things are things to think about when choosing this cooker. You need to choose wisely and I’d say the two things to look out for are the color of the cooker and its features. It features the ability to cook up to 7 eggs and an automatic shut off. This saves time switching the cooker on and off but might mean you forget you cooked the eggs and you won’t get them hot. Although it saves time your memory you started to cook the eggs is going to need to be on par with your intention. You could want to cook eggs and heat them later, so the cooker can do this for you too because it has an automatic shut off.

Why choose this rapid egg cooker?

  • Automatic shut off
  • Black color
  • Reputable brand
  • Good warranty

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Rapid Egg Cooker Buying Guide

When selecting a rapid egg cooker that cooks a certain amount of eggs quickly for you, you will want to know what to look out for. I always narrow down the things to look out for the the simplest of things. So what do you need to look out for when buying a rapid egg cooker?

Things to look out for when buying a rapid egg cooker

Looking out for the things that make a good rapid egg cooker is important. You don’t want to waste your money on a rapid egg cooker that doesn’t suit your needs. Bearing that in mind here are the things to look out for.

  • How many eggs can it cook
  • What warranty is included
  • Is it a reputable brand?

#1 How many eggs can it cook

Different cookers will cook different amounts of eggs. This difference is important to look out for when buying your cooker. You don’t want to buy the wrong one when it comes to the amount of eggs it can cook. Knowing there are different amounts of eggs a cooker can cook is important when you want to know how to choose a rapid egg cooker.

#2 What warranty is included

With all technology we should be looking at the warranty provided. Nothing lasts forever and a good warranty is a good sign you are getting a quality product. A lifetime warranty is what you really want but a 1-2 year warranty is usual when it comes to technology. Look out for a respectable warranty when choosing your cooker.

#3 Is it a reputable brand?

Here at easiery we can’t stress enough how much it is important to choose reputable brands. Although it is highly unlikely to stumble upon a brand that isn’t reputable you need to be careful of cheap products. You want the best quality and choosing a great brand is a great start for judging quality. There are quite a few brands for rapid egg cookers. Keep your eye on the most respected and well reviewed products.

Summary of our list of best rapid egg cookers

To summarise, you are firstly lucky there are leaders in the rapid egg cooker market. These leaders make choosing your cooker an easier task. Though don’t be jaded by the brand as being infallible. There have been reported problems with the best brands.

Although a rapid egg cooker might seem like a good idea. Don’t be afraid to use a pot and pan for a larger amount of eggs than an egg cooker will cook. You could exhaust your egg cooker by trying to cook too many eggs. It’s possible for technology to fail under pressure.

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