Best Rapid Android Charger – Top 3 Reviewed


The rapid android charger market is yours today. I have done research to see which of the best rapid android chargers can make it onto a list of three or less. Here at easiery we rank and rate everything in threes. Choosing the top 2 rapid android chargers was easy for me. Though reviewing them was a bit more difficult as they are so similar. Companies use similar technology to make a rapid android charger. Just because it is a different brand doesn’t mean it’s much different technology. The technology for making a rapid android charger isn’t so much different across the different options however different companies  have different claims to fame. Enough of the boring facts about the technology then. Time to get tucked into which ones are best.


#1 Anker Fast Charging Charger

This charger charges faster than the usual charger and cables. You need to be using this adapter with a decent cable for best results. You will definitely notice faster charging when you use this one.

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#2 iClever Boostcube

Forget iPhone and think iClever. Yes this clever charger is designed to charge your phone faster than the original charger. It has technology focused on charging your phone faster and it does a good job. You are choosing a very good charger with this one.

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Rapid Android Charger Reviews

#1 Anker Fast Charging Charger Review

The Anker charging adpater charges your phone and devices faster than a standard charger. It does this using a different technology designed to make things charge faster. It is the number one rated fast charging device on the market. They don’t compromise on quality to make you a charging cable that charges faster. It comes with twin usb ports which use its superior charging technology to its optimum performance. There are options with more ports however it isn’t recommended to use those as they aren’t as recommended as this one with twin ports. People report that the twin ports make use of the fast charging technology more than the options with multiple ports.

#2 iClever Boostcube Review

The iClever Boostcube is named clever enough for you to know you’re choosing a clever option. It focus is on charging your phone faster than the original cable and it does a great job of this. They have studied the technology and adapted to it to bring you a fast charger. They are major players in creating wall plugs for your phone. If you choose this android wall plug you will have a faster charging phone than most of your friends unless they follow suit and  they probably will. There is no reason to not choose this as one of the best wall plug chargers for iPhone. it is designed well, works well and is faster than the original charger. It is a great alternative to the official original android charger and folds for transportation.

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Summary of our list of best rapid iPhone chargers

Choosing a rapid iPhone charger is easy as there is limited options. You won’t find it hard even without my support  to heko you find it. A quick Google or search on any website will prove you have limited options and can’t really have a difficult time searching.

With this in mind I hope that the insight into the best rapid chargers overall was able to help you make your decision. Personally I use the anker one but the iClever one is just as good. Either of them will have you easily charging your phone faster than your mates.

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