Best Pork Cooking Tips


Cooking pork might need the best pork cooking tips. It just might. So if it does then this page contains the tips that are known to mankind and if you think there’s any missing. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment. We are powered by facebook for comments. Wahoo.

  • Select fresh quality meat
  • Use butter for cooking
  • Wrap the meat before cooking if it’s a large joint
  • Cook in oven or fry for best results
  • No need to cook for hours
  • 12-15 minutes can cook pork
  • Many different sauces go with pork
  • Wine goes well with pork
  • Pork is from a pig
  • Pork tastes slightly salty
  • There are thousands of pork recipes

Pork Cooking Tips Expanded

#1 Select Fresh Quality Meat

You don’t want old meat and meat that isn’t fresh and quality. You want to cook the best pork money can buy and you want to get it right. If you’re not a meat expert you might wonder what fresh quality meat is. There is no better person to tell you this than your local butcher. The butcher will know best when it comes to selecting prime meat.

#2 Use butter for cooking

You might want to use oil for cooking but expert advice would say to steer well clear. Yes don’t use oil when cooking pork. Ensure to use butter for the best eating experience. You don’t want to go against expert advice when it comes to choosing between oil and butter. The butter brings out the pork’s full flavor as compared to using oil.

#3 Wrap the meat before cooking if it’s a large joint

It is important to seal in flavor and there’s no better way than wrapping the meat in tin foil before you cook it. You want to seal in the flavor and not let it get too dry. It is highly recommended to wrap the meat before putting it in the oven.

#4 Cook in oven or fry for best results

Grilled pork? No thank you. I prefer to fry or oven my pork for best results. The butter when frying makes the pork turn out nice and tasty. In the oven is the same because sometimes there isn’t a choice when you are cooking a larger joint. If you want the best results please do fry or oven cook, not use the grill.

#5 No need to cook for hours

Some people do overcook meat. They spend hours cooking an already cooked meat. Pork is no different. When it comes to cooking pork it doesn’t take hours to cook it. Remember this when it comes to meat; hours in the oven is a waste of meat flavor and overcooked meat isn’t tasty.

#6 12-15 minutes can cook pork

As we don’t need hours we really only need 12-15 minutes which is when pork is cooked to its best. Yes this simple and small amount of time will have your pork cooked to perfection. Those that think it’s not true don’t know meat cooking so just trust this is correct if you’re a sceptic.

#7 Many different sauces go with pork

Pork is a meat that is not always best served with sauce but when you do, there are many different sauces that go with pork. You almost have a lifetime of experimenting when you think about it. The amount of sauces that go with pork could be labelled limitless if you take into account variations of sauces and experimenting with your own sauces.

#8 Wine goes well with pork

Wine with dinner is a popular choice and pork is not exempt from going well with wine. Take a sip of your wine after a bite of pork and you will realise it compliments the pork. There are wines for specifically drinking with pork and others that just go well with it anyway.

#9 Pork is from a pig

Some people don’t like to hear where their meat comes from. Personally I don’t mind. I can handle it when it comes to knowing which animal my meat came from. The pig is a strong animal with plenty of meat on it and that is where pork comes from.

#10 Pork Tastes Slightly Salty

Pork could be considered the most salty meat. The taste from pork is a salty meat flavor that is tantalising to the taste buds. This salty meat means less salt use when cooking and when eating people don’t usually need to add salt. It can give a whole dish a salty taste when you add it to non-salty dishes.

#11 There are thousands of pork recipes

Cooking with Pork, a popular meat means that there are thousands of recipes to choose from. When cooking pork the amount of recipes you can use it in are almost endless especially if you add in experimentation with your own recipes.

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