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When it comes to reading, not everyone has the best eyes for the job. That;s where a magnifying glass used  to be the cool item to use. Nowadays people are using pocket sized LCD magnifiers, a digital reading aid. This way you’re more hip and up to date with the latest ways to improve your reading eyes. Here is a selection of the best digital LCD reading aids on the market.

1. Koolertron 3.5 inch LCD Portable Video Digital Magnifier Electronic Reading Aid for Low Vision

What more can you ask for than 3.5 inches of screen to zoom in on what you need to read. Whether it be a map, dictionary or just a book you are reading this can zoom as much text as you can get onto a 3.5 inch screen. It is also easy to hold design and manufactured to be held with both hands or just one.

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2. Eyoyo 3.5 inch Handheld Portable Video Digital Magnifier

At 3.5 inches this fits in your pocket much like a mobile phone except it has a heavier duty. It can zoom up to 32X and has easy to use buttons on either side of the device. It is also designed to beheld by both hands or just one.

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3. Vsone Low Vision 4.3 inch LCD Digital Pocket Portable Handheld Reading Aid

The Vsone seems like the most simple of these three. That’s because it is. It has the easiest to use buttons and can be used with only one hand with no need to press buttons on both sides. You can zoom in or out to what you’re trying to read, up to 16X. It really is an easy to use pocket sized digital magnifier.

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