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I want the no fluff guide to the best SD cards. Or I want to know the best money can buy? Out of three choices you are more than likely to get a great experience. How’s that for getting technical about the mathematics of having three choices? Geeks think like that. That’s the story behind SD cards, geeks make them for you. They think differently. They are also human mind you. Well enjoying their technical know how comes at a price when you want the best. You want the creme de la creme. One that lasts for years. Well here you go; here they are. It’s not doom and gloom don’t worry.

#1 Sandisk Ultra 128GB Micro SDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter

Creme de la creme. 128GB most devices will support, at their peak. So this is the one that hits that sweet spot for being the best. It’s from a highly reputable high street, top notch stuff technical know how turned into a device for storing data including images and videos.

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#2 Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter

When it comes to technology samsung have a solution for many technology and communication problems. They are top notch, top quality tech products and their micro SD card is another great choice. It is technologically designed to perfection, to last a long time and to suit your needs more than every now and then.

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#3 Kingston Micro SD Card

If you’re a seasoned buyer of SD memory cards or any memory cards then Kingston are bound to be known by you. If not, all you really need to know is they are a reputable brand that build long lasting products especially memory  cards.

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Micro SD Card Reviews

#1 Sandisk Ultra 128GB Micro SDXC UHS-I Card with Adapter Review

If you want the meat and potatoes you got both and this thing can last for years. It’s for professionals also. It’s still one of the best professional image and video sharing storage things on the planet except for the big guys in TV etc. Amateur if you want to say that. Yes this is a major thing, reviewed over 8,000 times on Amazon and purchased many more times all around the world. Professionals buy it, you got meat and potatoes today. In technical terms. Tl;dr. I wanted meat and potatoes and I got it. Thank you. Yes it’s for doing everything with micro SD devices. Very technically speaking a lot of hard work from geniuses we need to create stunning products. I don’t like getting too technical when it comes to technology, techies get it and others don’t so there’s no need to. Just know it is the meat and potatoes of all best selling micro SD cards.

Why buy this micro SD card?

  • It is the meat and potatoes 128 GB SD card
  • Fits in all micro SD devices
  • Optimum for best performance due to 128 GB size.
  • Reviewed over 8,000 times on

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#2 Samsung 128GB EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SDXC with Adapter Review

When you think of gadgets you think of samsung and they love making micros SD cards. This makes your decision easy, that a reputable brand couldn’t go wrong. Especially samsung. You are lucky they make the choice so easy. It’s not exactly hard because you know the brand samsung I hope and are accustomed to their selection of tech products. The name rings a bell and I like it, kinda thing. Yes it does. Can’t beat some of samsung’s award winning products and they have nailed the Micros SD card. They know what they are doing and their memory card keeps it simple and straightforward especially for trust. Yes this memory card is designed to last a long time. It’s not shabby at all.

Why buy this micro SD card?

  • Very reputable brand
  • Fast and efficient
  • Optimum memory for performance
  • Lengthy warranty
  • Long lasting

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#Kingston Micro SD Card Review

Under the microscope you’ve got a very reputable brand producing to notch memory cards. Kingston are a brand you need to take to heart when it comes to memory cards. It’s a choice of the heart to choose these guys over others. The competition for your heart is fierce and they all have a great product. When you decide to go Kingston you probably won’t go back again. They’re the outsider brand to SandDisk but not samsung. Samsung are thrown in here for good measure. Kingston would have came second if it weren’t for samsung’s fierce reputation. Kingston don’t have a reputation like sansung but it doesn’t mean you’re making a bad choice. The choice is simple, Kingston, SanDisk or samsung.

Why buy this micro SD card?

  • Easy to use
  • Reputable brand
  • Long lasting product
  • Top quality product
  • 128 GB storage for best performance

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Micro SD Card Buying Guide

One thing you won’t find in any of our buying guides is too much information. We don’t do it that way. We keep it simple so you know what you’re doing. Keeping it simple I will breakdown the areas to focus on. Which are as follows:

What to look out for when buying a micro SD card?

  • Materials used for making the card
  • Reputable brand
  • Storage size for optimum performance

Yes it is simple to breakdown the things to look out for into three topics. It is so simple choosing a Micro SD card when you know how. Let’s have a look at the three things I think you need to focus on.

#1 Materials Used for Making the Card

We all know that gold and gold plated technology outperforms the competition who don’t use it. Well, us experts do know this. Something to look out for when buying a micro SD card is what materials were used for making it. If the materials used are for performance then you should be on top of this fact. Some cards don’t use gold or gold plated technology and this can be avoided as being the best.

#2 Reputable Brand

The amount of new brands popping up for micro SD cards is a lot. They can’t all be trusted as being the best long lasting products. There are a lot of brands that can easily be dismissed when choosing the best. In our list we have stuck to only the best brands but could have compromised on quality to bring in a cheaper option. You really don’t want to go for a cheap brand when it comes to using a micro SD card.

#3 Storage size for optimum performance

Thinking that you need to put a memory card with extra space than necessary is where you need to be careful. When you use micro SD cards you want it to last long and to be best benefiting the device you are using it with. Storage size is important to know that your device supports it and works well with it. Breaking down a project that needs larger storage should happen at choosing to buy around 128 GB and no more.

Concluding our list of best Micro SD Cards

Micro SD cards can be cheap or expensive and depending on size of memory you want will calculate the price. The price shouldn’t be something you are worried about. As mentioned there are three main factors to look out for when purchasing.

You don’t have too difficult a choice to buy the best micro SD card because the reputable brands stand out as being the ones to buy. There is a reason to not compromise on quality when it comes to micro SD cards and I have listed the best quality and most popular micro SD cards.

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