Best Mechanical Kitchen Scales


If you’re not digital savvy or prefer good old mechanical scales then you’ve come to the right place. here are the best mechanical kitchen scales we have found on the Internet. Get weighing with ease and confidence you’ve got the right tool for the job.

1.  Salter Orb Mechanical Kitchen Scales

salter orb scalesIf you want a good brand in the kitchen that is reliable and trustworthy, then Salter have always got something for you. Depending on what that is. These kitchen scales are orb shaped and easy to read, you’ll certainly enjoying weighting all your foods etc.

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2. Terraillon H500 Cream 5kg Capacity Traditional Mechanical Kitchen Scale

teraillon h500 kichen scaleYou may not have heard of this brand before but it is a heavy duty, high quality mechanical kitchen scale. Suitable for weighing up to 5kg which is a lot for a counter top scale.

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3. Dexam 5 kg Stainless Steel Retro Kitchen Scales

Here’s another brand you may no have heard of. Though you are safe to know that they are high quality scales. Suitable for weighing up to 5kg. Comes with instructions on how to use and mainatin the scales.

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