Best Mechanical Bathroom Scales


If you want some style in your bathroom that keeps an eye on your weight, you’ve come to the right place.  We have listed the best mechanical bathroom scales so you don’t have to go searching. They are sleek and stylish and worth every penny.

1. Salter Professional Analog Mechanical Dial Bathroom Scale

You’ve got a great brand name backing these weighing scales. This comes with a warranty suitable for a king. They are stylish and sleek with a large clock type face at the front of the scale. Just step on and watch the pounds climb to your weight.

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2. Health o meter Professional 160LB Mechanical Floor Medical Scale

You may not have heard of this brand but they are decent in the medical field, The design of this scale is a bit different to the first in that it has a smaller dial. This smaller dial works up to 160lbs. This is less than the one previously mentioned but should be enough for most.

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3. Borg High-Accuracy Modern Dial Scale

This brand is another brand you probably haven’t heard of but is a sleek and stylish design.  You get what you see, a small dial on the front of the scale for measuring and an area to place your weight on.

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