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Hacking your lifestyle might be adding a gym routine to your daily activities or making more free time. The concept of lifestyle design is something you might be interested in. People are open to lifestyle choices so here are the best lifestyle books I think there is.

1. 4 Hour Work Week

Teaching you how to build a 4 hour work week lifestyle based on others successes you will delve into creating your own four hour work week lifestyle. You may not suit a lifestyle for the 40 hour week or you might need to travel the world. This is the book for freeing up time and money in your lifestyle.

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2. Minimalism: A Lifestyle Guide to Happiness

I find it is often having too much in your life can lead to needing to change your lifestyle. This book is on hacking your possessions and what you cling on to. Minimalism has been used successfully by many others so now is your chance to give it a go.

3. My Bucket List: A Journal and Scrapbook to Record 101 Adventures & Experiences of a Lifetime

Hacking your lifestyle will free up time to do amazing things. I hope you’ve heard of a bucket list before as free time can now be committed to this. A bucket list scrapbook for 101 exciting things should entice you to create your own bucket list. Ain’t been bungee jumping? Then now’s your chance to add it to your bucket list.


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