Best Lap Serving Trays


Breakfast in bed? That’s what comes to mind for me and lap serving trays. You’ll want a decent tray for your needs so you’ve come to the right place. We’ve chosen the best lap serving trays money can buy. They are sleek and stylish and suitable for serving any dish, hot or cold.

1. Greenhurst Padded Lap Serving Trays with Bean Bag Base

Who wants a hard lap serving tray protruding onto them? Not me. That’s why I love this bean bag padded lap serving tray by Greenhurst. It’s a comfortable eat for whoever is in bed eating.

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2. Bamboo Lap Trays

Bamboo is something you loved to play with as a child, isn’t it? Now you can get a sleek and stylish bamboo lap serving tray. So you have both things covered, a serving tray and style to go with it.

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3. ChopMaster Rectangular Anti Slip Serving Tray

How could we forget a non slip version tray. Some people aren’t able to keep the tray still and need non slip. So for this we have found you an anti slip serving tray for better usage against unsteadiness.

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