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Being in the kitchen baking is when I think of a kitchen blender. The best kitchen blender can be a tough decision and it may come down to the look or color of the blender for you. I have been researching kitchen blenders for you and found that there is competition for your heart so I narrowed it down to three for you. Just the three that I think will do any customer justice whilst informing you there are different colors available.

#1. Nutri Ninja Personal Blender

You may have heard of the Ninja. The Nutri Ninja blender and have contemplated it. I used to see advertisements for it everywhere. It used to be well advertised. Now it is that thing that comes back to haunt you when you go to purchase. Should I or shouldn’t I? That’s how popular this thing is but didn’t quite make it into some hearts. If you’re looking for a replacement blender then maybe it’s Nutri Ninja time.

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#2. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender with 14 Speeds & 40 oz Glass Jar, Silver

You couldn’t go round picking on all the most expensive blenders when you have an inexpensive blender like this. It is so cheap you’ll wonder why all the others are so expensive when this is cheap. It is chosen for its popularity even though it is one of the cheapest blenders there is.

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#3. Braun JB7200 Puremix Power Countertop Blender with Plastic Jug, 56 fl. oz, Black

I found a set of kitchen stuff the same color for my mum’s kitchen. Black might be the color you are looking for but it’s this brand. It is mind blowing to know that a brand such as Braun are competing for your heart in the mix for kitchen blenders. They are known for creating top quality products and its popularity gimmicks that satisfaction people get from this popular brand.

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Kitchen Blender Reviews

#1 Nutri Ninja Personal Blender

The Nutri Ninja Blender might have been seen in advertisements by yourself.It is a well advertised product as being the blender for you. It has a reputation for being the only choice even though it isn’t. Why does it have this reputation? The reputation is because it is a very powerful upright kitchen blender that gets the job done. It is the same shape as most kitchen blenders and comes with different attachments for different purposes. On the front there is the controls to make the blender work and the digital display helps you get it right. With the digital display and power modes you should be able to make slush or liquid depending on what you want. It’s also seen as the cool item to have around the house because of its name and brand satisfaction. So if you want to ninja that fruit into a smoothie you have an easy to use powerful blender suitable for most blending except bulk, unless you want to reload the blender.

Why buy this kitchen blender?

  • Feature rich
  • Fast effective blending
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to setup

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#2 Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multi-Function Blender with 14 Speeds & 40 oz Glass Jar, Silver

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher blender comes from a very reputable brand. The brand itself might not be as recognisable as the Nutri Ninja but it is a great kitchen brand trusted by many. It has a total of 14 blending functions for all your blending needs. This means you can have 14 different types of blends for different results each time. The wave action is designed to push ingredients onto the blade every time for the best blend possible. Many users report the wave function as being necessary. At peak power usage the blender uses 700 watts of power and this is generally around the same as other blenders. Blenders all require a similar power usage in order to operate at best performance. The buttons along the front make it easy to switch between power levels and different functions, which are usually based on amount of power. Overall you have an easy to use blender with multiple functions and power levels backed by a reputable brand with a decent warranty.

Why buy this kitchen blender?

  • Easy to use
  • Satisfactory warranty
  • Best seller category
  • Worthwhile investment

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#3 Braun JB7200 Puremix Power Countertop Blender with Plastic Jug, 56 fl. oz, Black

Braun is a well known household brand with products ranging from kitchen to bathroom and self grooming. Braun do a fabulous range of beard trimmers. In this case we have a very reputable brand making you a great kitchen blender. One of the best things about this blender is the reputation behind the brand then the job it gets done with ease. The design of the blender is similar to most other blenders in that it looks similar. It has easy to use buttons along the front for up to 1000 watts power on the blend. Yes it’s one of the most powerful blenders on the market going to 1000 watts of power. This is one of the reasons users love this blender.

Why buy this kitchen blender?

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Up to 1000 watts power usage
  • Reputable brand

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Kitchen Blender Buying Guide

Getting yourself a top performing best all round kitchen blender might take some advice from a researcher. I have researched the best ones and found that there are so many to choose  from that a buying guide will steer you in the right direction. What do you need to look for when buying a kitchen blender?

Well it’s down to the expert advice after researching and finding there are so many. There are so many that this buying guide is designed to eliminate doubts that you may have.

What to look out for when buying a kitchen blender

There are some things you need to look out for to narrow down your search from the many kitchen blenders available. Let’s take a look at the most important things.

  • Style and Color
  • Warranty
  • Features
  • Price

These important things are the main things to be looking out for when buying the best. Let’s take a look at them in-depth.

#1 Style and Color

Do you have a taste for style and color? Although you would assume all blenders are the same style; they are not. They are definitely not all the same color either. The style of the blender can be upright, handheld etc but considering we are on the topic of kitchen blenders there are different styles for those too. Choose a style that you like to narrow down your decision making process. The different styles do make it easier for making your final purchase derision.

#2 Warranty

The warranty might be important to you. It helps you to be safe in the knowledge you are buying a long lasting product. The longer the warranty the better. Not all technology survives the human test  and it fails. A good warranty covers you for any product failure and gives you buying confidence that you are buying something quality.

#3 Features

There are different technologies used per blender. They each have features such as size and technology used. Take a look out for the features of your perfect blender. You will find there is a lot of technical jargon but that the features themselves might be important to you. Especially when it comes to specialist blending.

#4 Price

If you have a budget this is good, you can easily find the ones in your budget and make the decision from there. The cost of the blender is usually under $100 so there’s not much to worry about when making a decision between such narrowly matched prices between each blender

Summary of our best list of kitchen blenders

There are a lot of different blenders to choose from and style, features, price and color set them apart the most. It can be difficult choosing one you want but I hope to have helped you see the bigger pictures about the best ones.

We aren’t all knowledgeable on kitchen blenders and I have chosen the best brands and fitted them to our buying guide. I hope that you can find peace of mind that the blenders chosen here are really worth it and might just be the one for you.

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