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The best iPhone charging adapter should be the original version if we are strict. There is nothing better than the original version if you want the best according to apple. Though there are options for charging faster than the original version, apple do recommend you use original charging devices over any other. No one can take that advice without making an informed decision. I have eliminated the original from the list ahead because it isn’t necessary when you already know it is suitable. You want to know the best options and to notify you the original is the ultimate best probably sounds strict like apple but it’snot. It’s just because the original version doesn’t make the list of best. The reason for this is that I’m hoping you know about using original products with original devices.

#1 Anker Fast Charging Charger

This charger charges faster than the usual charger and cables. You need to be using this adapter with a decent cable for best results. You will definitely notice faster charging when you use this one.

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#2 iClever Boostcube

Forget iPhone and think iClever. Yes this clever charger is designed to charge your phone faster than the original charger. It has technology focused on charging your iphone faster and it does a good job. You are choosing a very good charger with this one.

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iPhone Charger Reviews

#1 Anker Fast Charging Charger Review

The Anker charging adpater charges your phone and devices faster than a standard charger. It does this using a different technology designed to make things charge faster. It is the number one rated fast charging device on the market. They don’t compromise on quality to make you a charging cable that charges faster. It comes with twin usb ports which use its superior charging technology to its optimum performance. There are options with more ports however it isn’t recommended to use those as they aren’t as recommended as this one with twin ports. People report that the twin ports make use of the fast charging technology more than the options with multiple ports.

#2 iClever Boostcube Review

The iClever Boostcube is named clever enough for you to know you’re choosing a clever option. It focus is on charging your phone faster than the original cable and it does a great job of this. They have studied the technology and adapted to it to bring you a fast charger. They are major players in creating wall plugs for your iPhone. If you choose this iPhone wall plug you will have a faster charging phone than most of your friends unless they follow suit and¬† they probably will. There is no reason to not choose this as one of the best wall plug chargers for iPhone. it is designed well, works well and is faster than the original charger. It is a great alternative to the official original iPhone charger and folds for transportation.

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iPhone Wall Plug Charger/Adapter Buying Guide

There is a lot of things to think about when buying things but let’s be narrow about what to look out for. We don’t want to commiserate too many options that make our buying decision difficult. We really don’t want to do that. There are just a few limited things to look out for.

Things to look out for when buying a iPhone wall plug charger

  • Reputable brand
  • Faster charging than original
  • Willing to use non-original apple products

These three things are in depth below but as you can see I have narrowed down what you need to look for when buying an iPhone charger. There really isn’t much more to look for than these three things.

Reputable Brand

Most iPhone charging wall plugs are from a reputable brand and I have selected only the best brands with the best reasons for existence. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of buying a cheap non-reputable brand then know your brands. If you don’t know your brands then our list is perfect for you because I know my stuff when it comes to technology. Techie things don’t phase me and knowing my brands is what I do. I research high and low to ensure you are getting the best every time. No one wants less than the best brands when it comes to charging their iPhone because their phone is so important to them. Users that have selected cheaper products have reported all kinds of horrendous results. Don’t be one of them people.

Faster charging than original charger

Well; there is faster and there are slower chargers and charging cables and you don’t want that. You want something that is designed to charge your phone faster than the original charger. Get your moneys worth when shopping for the best iPhone wall plug. The best ones have already been listed but you might benefit from this advice asides from our list. As our lists are updated regularly there might be a new brand that has taken the lead when it comes to charging your iPhone. The leaders in creating iPhone chargers for your phone all aim to charge your phone faster than the original.

Willing to use non-original apple products

We all know apple recommend using their original products and you can’t fault them. They have to say that theirs is the best. But what about you guys that don’t like using products that aren’t original apple products? Well you guys may need to give other options a chance for a change. That’s because apple don’t have leading technology designed to benefit the end user better than original products. Yes, it might seem silly that there are better options than an original but it isn’t all that silly when you realise the technology and effort in non-original products.

Summary of our list of best iPhone charging adapters

The final and bottom line when it comes to buying a trusted iPhone charger is that you will need to look outside the box. That original apple products are recommended but there are better options. The better options usually focus on charging your phone faster and they do a great job of this.

You don’t want to limit yourself to original products when other brands and technologies exist that make the experience¬† better. You want to be on top of your abilities to charge your iPhone and going outside the box is the way to do it.

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