Best Insulated Serving Dishes


Keeping food hot or cold can be a difficult task, especially if transporting food long distance. These selection of the best insulated serving dishes are the best for keeping food hot or cold. They are suitable for a long journey or just for transporting food around the home.

1. Cookshop Set of 3 Fiona Insulated Dishes

These set are white and are insulated for keeping food hot or cold. They are in different sizes and you can get a bigger set if you want. They come with a warranty and guidance on what to use them for. You can’t go far wrong with choosing this set.

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2. Ambiente Thermal Hot Food Containers Set

The Amiente thermal hot food set is also for cold food. They are insulated containers for keeping food cold or warm, especially on a long journey. This set comes with guidance on how to use them and a warranty for their perfection.

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3. Pinnacle Parisa 4Pc Round Heat Insulated Food Storage

This set is green in colour and says that it is for heat storage, but also keeps food cold. The insulation is designed to keep food hot or cold. It comes with a warranty and guidance on how to wash and use them.

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