Best Google Tools for Webmasters – Top 3 Reviewed


After setting up your website you’ll probably turn to google tools for webmasters. This is to monitor the performance of your site. Google has a number of tools but these are the best tools for webmasters in Google’s arsenal.

1. Google Webmaster Tools

This is the most useful tool for managing your sitemap with Google. You submit your sitemap and Google takes care of the rest. You can then track the performance of your website such as the rankings you have. It’s the best tool for tracking rankings because it is for this purpose.



2. Google Analytics

After using Webmaster Tools you might find analytics complicated for doing the same job. Tracking rankings and page views. This tool has a lot of different features for tracking the performance of your website. You can even use this tool for tracking conversions on your site.


3. Google Ads (aka Google Adwords)

The third tool encompasses paid advertising and a useful tool for testing conversions. You use this tool and platform for paid adverts on the Google network of sites. Your ads will appear on Google as well as other sites in the Google adsense program.


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