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I was rummaging around on the Internet seeking a decent Firefox proxy addon. One that gets the job done without too much fuss. I discovered the best Firefox proxy addons were simple and light.It shouldn’t take much more than a lightweight addons so I chose the best ones. The reason for lightweight is very obvious here because it shouldn’t take a heavy load to create a brilliant Firefox proxy tool.

#1. FoxyProxy Standard

What a cool name,that blends with the name of the browser and the addon. It is a funky tool to use, if you want to call it that. It has all the features you need and is easy to use. You will be darned if you tried many different ones to find that this is still the best one.

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#2. Best Proxy Switcher

You can tell these guys are trying to be the best. They have aptly named their product for being the best andtthey have done a great job. Many people are using this proxy addon and getting along nicely. Maybe you want to follow suit.

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#3. anonymoX

Do you want to be anonymous or visit blocked websites? Maybe this name is enticing for you because it says what you’re using it for. That’s if you are wanting to be anonymous.

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#1. FoxyProxy Standard Review

The features or FoxyProxy Standard are rich. You will find that it is made easy to add multiple proxies to the softwar for switching between the. You can label them for what you plan to use them for color coded etc. If you need to use multiple proxies for different reasons or have labels for your proxies you will find this is the best you can get. Organising your proxy lists has b=never been easier and feature rich than this. It’s a very good reason why Firefox is worth downloading if you are into using proxies. You won’t need an proxy organising software than this. Managing and labelling many proxies is exactly why this proxy addon for Firefox is the one of the best.

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#2. Best Proxy Switcher Review

The features from FoxyProxy standard are already perfect but what about Best Proxy Switched? Considering you don’t need two I will explain the features of this and how  they compare. One feature you’ll love about this is being able to download a list automatically approved proxies by the proxy developer for Best Proxy Switcher. This doesn’t come free for the entire list as you need to subscriber  at $9.99 a month for the full list. If you are seeking a free option then most of them charge for the longer list of proxies. If you are travelling beware that this software will not work properly in all countries, you need to find another option for travelling. Apart from that problem with  the features the other features are designed well for managing and making use of proxy lists. Although labelling the lists is not as easy as it is with Foxy Proxy Standard.

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#3. anonymoX Review

After reading two reviews you will know by now that all the features really is for fetching proxies, managing and labelling proxy lists and selecting the the proxy you wish to have active or features to shuffle between many. Once again this tool does exactly what is necessary with these features in mind. Apart from features I think it’s the better designed option between these 3 on this page. The look and feel is superior but this isn’t enough to make it first choice because the others are more feature rich and still simple to use.

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