Best Firefox Addons to Bypass Link Shorteners – Top 3 Reviewed


If you don’t like link shorteners then the best firefox addons for bypass or skipping link shorteners is what you will want to know. There are many to choose from and they are all similar but for some reason it is possible to choose the best. Shortened links might not need to be skipped but if that’s what you want to do, then do it in style. I have hand picked firefox addons for eliminating link shorteners so your ever possible hate for them can be gone with the wind. Here they are.

#1 Universal Bypass

Universal is a word you will want to hear because there are so many link shorteners in existence. You want to bypass them all universally and this tool promises that. All the popular link shorteners are supported by this addon.

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#2 Skip Redirect

If you want to know what a link shortener is. It is a link redirect and this promises to skip those redirects for you.It is so simple to get started just by installing and restarting your browser. Gone forever are those annoying link shorteners.


#3 AdSkip

Another highly reputable link redirect and shortener skipper. Delving deep into the mystery of why so many use them relentlessly. Your perfect twitter and firefox companion to avoid all those shortened links.

Firefox Addons to Bypass Link Shorteners Reviews

#1 Universal Bypass Firefox Addon Review

There are so many link shorteners that you are probably glad to hear the word universal so that you know your criteria is met. To eliminate all link shorteners no matter what they are. Of course not all are supported but universally you can say they are. It’s easy to get started by just installing this addon. Then you need to make sure it is working by checking it is installed properly and testing it on a shortened link. The setup process is easy as installing and letting it do the work for you. It’s really that easy and why it climbed to number 1 on my list of firefox proxy addons for removing shortened links from your life.


#2 Skip Redirect Firefox Addon Review

Skip Redirect has a multitude of features that don’t need any settings for them to work. For example, there is an inbuilt blacklist which can be changed to ensure more redirects are skipped and you don’t have to endure the pain. It’s so easy to work and is malleable for sites that aren’t on the blacklist. Installing is a breeze and will simply require you to restart your browser before it should work.


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