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Choosing the best disposable underwater camera isn’t as hard as you might think. There are reputable brands out there pushing disposable cameras to the limits and here are three that are worth your money. They are from reputable brands and stand out as being the choice for anyone seeking a decent underwater camera that is disposable. The reason I said it isn’t as hard as you might think is because there aren’t many available to choose from. This is a good thing because choice would put you on the fence rather than under the water taking pictures.

#1 Fujifilm Underwater Camera

Fujifilm are a reputable brand well known in the camera industry, You can be sure you’re buying top of the range goods when you buy this camera. So look no further and buy the best from the most reputable brand.

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#2 Kodak Disposable Underwater Camera

Kodak are a brand you’ve probably heard of. If you haven’t they are a leader in the photography niche and know what they’re doing. They have mustered up this delightful underwater camera that is disposable.

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#3 LMNT Disposable Underwater Camera

You probably haven’t heard of this brand before but they are making great underwater cameras for you to buy and use. You can’t go too far wrong as they are good at making decent underwater cameras that are disposable.

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Disposable Underwater Camera Reviews

The three we’ve chose are about the only three available on the market today. Here I have reviewed them in depth for you to make a better decision on which one to buy. They aren’t much different in that they all get the job done and that’s what you need.

#1 Fujifilm Disposable Underwater Camera Review

Fujifilm stick out as a recognizable brand for most people. They are reputable in the photography market and industry and sometimes lead the way. This time they are leading the way by being our number one choice for underwater cameras that are disposable. This camera uses 35mm format and works at a depth of up to 17 feet. It comes with fujifilm’s own film called the Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 800 35mm film. You know things are going to be good when using film created by Fujifilm. Not only can you use it for underwater but it is useful for wet weather conditions including snow. I highly recommend this as being a very useful underwater camera except that it only works up to 17 feet. You will need to get the measuring tape out to check your depth if you want to keep your photos safe.

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Kodak Disposable Underwater Camera Review

Kodak might be recognized by you as being a highly reputable photography brand that creates great products. They do create fantastic photography products and know what they are doing. With years upon years of experience in the photography market you know you’re buying something special with these guys. This disposable underwater camera is decent in respect of what you can get out of a disposable camera for underwater use. It is good to use up to 50 feet although some users report it won’t work at less than that. So be careful when deciding to go  to 50 feet. Overall other users have reported issues with lighting and this camera. Another thing to watch out for when taking pictures is that your lighting is good. Probably why users are reporting it not working as good at 50 feet.

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#3 LMNT Disposable Underwater Camera

Personally I’d never heard of this brand until I started researching underwater cameras. It is a brand that just popped up as being new. They have taken to creating a decent underwater camera with good reports from users. The camera itself is inside a design laden waterproof case and can only be used once. It will work underwater and in wet weather conditions. It is not recommended to choose this camera over the others listed as the brand we don’t know much about.

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Disposable Underwater Camera Buying Guide

When buying a disposable underwater camera what do you look out for? This is the question I had to ask myself while writing this buying guide. The tips have to be the right tips so you can buy the right camera for you. Firstly there are things that can be summarised that you need to look out for.

  • Reputable brand
  • Customer reviews
  • Depth camera works to

#1 Reputable Brand

Choosing a reputable brand should be easy and is important because there are cameras which are from less reputable brands that you need to watch out for. If you’re not sure of which brand to choose then have a look at our list above which will guide you onto the cameras that are from reputable brands.

#2 Customer Reviews

Although the cameras state they are for underwater use you really need to hear a customer’s viewpoint. The customer knows best and can tell you which camera to buy. Some of the cameras are reported to be not good at their job so be sure to check out customer reviews on

#3 Depth Camera Works To

The depth the camera works to might be important to you. While one good camera I have mentioned purports 17 feet another purports 50 feet. If you need a certain depth be sure to check with the camera manufacturer which depth the camera works to. You don’t want to go diving only to find your camera breaks.

Summary of our list of best disposable cameras

The disposable camera market isn’t as saturated with efforts as much as the non disposable range. In fact we found it hard to find three to recommend to you. It’s not that there isn’t a need for these cameras it’s just there is less need with cameras becoming less expensive.

It seems camera manufacturers aren’t focusing on disposable cameras as much now. This means you have less to choose from but that might be more merry for you.

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