Best Digital Kitchen Scales


You want to make things so simple that you don’t have to blink an eye lid, especially when in the kitchen. Anything too complicated and the food will never get cooked. Digital kitchen scales are best for anyone, not just the technical savvy. Here is the 3 you should choose from when comparing for a great digital scale.

1. Etekcity 11lb/5kg Kitchen Scales

You may not have head of this brand but just look at that design. A stainless steel digital scale that packs a punch in its look. You really can’t go wrong as it includes warranty and instruction on how to use.

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2. ACCUWEIGHT Digital Kitchen Cooking Scale

This is another brand you  may not have heard of but it’s the sleek design that is attractive. It also has a high load capacity up to 5kg for all your food weighing needs. This is a stylish and colorful scale to have in any kitchen.

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3. Salter Digital Kitchen Weighing Scales

Here is a brand you will have have heard of and trust. You can never go far wrong with choosing the Salter brand. You always know you have reputable and trustworthy brand behind you. This has 5kg capacity and will last a long time with a fabulous warranty to guarantee this.

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