Best Community Sharing Websites


Technology has drove us to different types of communication. The best community sharing website might already be known to you but we have our wild card.Yes first up it is Reddit.

1. Reddit

I’m an /r/funny reader and have had to limit my use. I need to do other things with my time to feel alive. This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy, it just means there is so much great about it, you need a resistance to using it.


2. Facebook

Facebook rose to the occasion after Bebo and it keeps growing in size. It is taking over the world as the best communication platform available. You can be sure to spend many hours of your life on this site, especially with people you know.




3. Twitter

This is a very popular community sharing website where you can connect with people easily. You can find people with the same interests and keep up with them. It is an all round great community sharing website.


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