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How are you sir? That’s a question that could end up with being served the best British tea bags if you’re in Britain. The British love tea and it’s usually part of their daily routine. If you’re elsewhere in the world you’ll maybe want some British in your life. As a fan of tea and being British I qualify myself to delve into the world of British tea to bring you the best tea bags there is. I’ve studied the great British teabag and found they are different but all great. Let’s start with my favorite.

#1 Tetley Tea Bags

You don’t get much more British than the Tetley tea folk. Tetley tea is branded with the Tetley tea folk being at the front of the brand. These Tetley tea folk are the forefront for all of Tetley’s marketing and it’s very fabulous tea to be representing.

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#2 Typhoo

Entering into the homes of many British people could be with a cup of Typhoo in your hand. This tea represents British tea because of its full tea flavor that is very enjoyable and British. If you want British at your table then Typhoo could be the one for you.

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#3 PG Tips

I remember the first time I was offered this tea and I was sceptical until I realised it is good British tea. It is much like Tetley tea for its flavor and is a certain choice when it comes to drinking tea the British way.

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British Tea Bags Reviews

What is it about our choice of British tea bags that will get your taste buds going? Learn the insides and outside of our top picks for British tea bags.

#1 Tetley Tea Bags Review

As a number one fan of Tetley since a kid when my mum and auntie used to serve it to me. I can tell you that they are one of the best British teas at great value. They are priced around the higher end of the market and rightly so. This is because the tea itself is a respected British brand and tastes how British tea should. If you want to welcome guests the British way. Many homes across Britain are doing the same thing. They are handing their guests a fine cup of Tetley tea which is to most people’s delight. The tea itself is a top British tea that is served in millions of homes across Britain. If you want British tea in your house this is a fine tea to choose.

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#2 Typhoo Tea Bags Review

Being around for hundreds of years is what you like to hear when it comes to reputable brands. This brand has been around since 1903 and takes Britain by storm every year as being on of the best British tea bags that money can buy. It has the fully flavored British tea flavor you’ve been looking for and has the popularity factor added in. It rests in the cupboards of millions of homes across Britain and might make it around the world with being our number two brand. The tea is a great marvel in that it will have a bit of Britain in your home at a cost similar to high end British tea. If you want a respected British tea that falls outside being the nation’s favorite tea these guys are in with a shout. Yes please don’t shout how great the British are as it might not go down well with those that didn’t have a cuppa first.

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#3 PG Tips Review

The name of this brand always threw me until I was sure it is British. In fact it is labelled as being Britain’s number one teabag. I don’t name it number one on our list because I don’t believe it’s the best. They have Tetley to compete with when it comes to me. Although it is labelled number one this doesn’t mean they are the only British tea bag brand that’s worth it. It just means they are favored in households across Britain. It has British tea flavor nailed and that’s why they get the number one nation’s favorite brand. You can’t get much more British than the number one brand but you also want to know it has the right flavor. Yes it has standard great British tea flavor for you to enjoy. They are also priced well and come in large packets that last a long time depending on how much tea you and your guests will drink.


British Tea Bag Buying Guide

What is it you need to look for when buying British tea bags? Is there something to look for that you don’t know about? Don’t worry as here are the buying tips you need when it comes to buying great tasting British tea bags. Let’s start by having a look at the main things to look for.

  • Is it really British?
  • Is it cost effective?
  • Does it have British tea flavor?

#1 Is it really British?

Just because you’ve had tea in Britain or heard of a tea the Brits are drinking, it doesn’t mean it’s British. When shopping for British tea first check the tea you are buying is actually British. The British are known for claiming tea as their own when it isn’t made by them. Ensure you do thorough checks on whether or not your tea choice is British.

#2 Is it cost effective?

Get used to drinking a lot of tea if you want to do it the British way. This way it could cost an arm and a leg buying British tea. That’s if you don’t check the cost effectiveness of purchasing certain teas. Some teas are way too expensive to be drinking every day and aren’t for everyone. Some people drink less tea but the British way is usually a lot so be sure the tea you choose is cost effective.

#3 Does it have British tea flavor?

I’ve had some pretty horrible surprised with some tea brands. They don’t have British tea flavor and this isn’t good. It’s only good when the tea is actually British tea flavor. Be wary some British teas have a flavor that isn’t very British and that’s not how it’s done. In my opinion the best British tea is only when the flavor is right. Otherwise it’s an attempt at making British tea.

Summary of our list of best British tea bags

I have chosen three of the best. However you are also given advice on picking up the best without too much effort. You don’t need to look everywhere to find the best as Brits have flooded the Internet with their opinion and statistics.

Statistically the three you see here are the most popular brands as well as being the best British tea you can buy. If you want British tea I have came and saw and conquered them for you. These teas are great for daily drinking or enticing your guests into the British way of drinking tea.

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