Best Branded Backpack for Your Kids or You – Top 3 Reviewed


As I’m planning to travel the world with my friend I was thinking of kitting myself out in some Supreme branded clothing. I have taken a fancy for that and I am 30 years old. It is a hip hop fashion brand that has taken off with the kids. A cool branded backpack is certainly something you can gift to your kids. Or maybe you’re in reverse like me at 30 and headed towards kitting yourself out in stand out brands. Whatever it is here are the best branded backpacks for cool kids and adults.

1. Supreme Branded Backpack

Kids and adults line the streets of the London supreme store. Especially when there is new stuff in. You see this brand around London Soho a lot and it is a very powerful word to use on a brand. The signature Logo appears on a red background with white text. It is a very cool and hip brand to wear and has a statement that anyone is supreme.

Buy Supreme at your local store or on

2. Herschel

This brand is something I seen then entered urban outfitters where I found it to be on sale. I was homeless at the time and was discovering fashion like never before. The amount of time I spent studying fashion in London merits the award to Herschel for being a very popular branded backpack for all ages. It is a fashionable brand that people love to buy and use to carry stuff on their shoulders.


3. Champion

Champion is anotherĀ  brand I spotted around London as being popular for backpacks. You couldn’t compete with the brands that weren’t as popular. Champion kept appearing quite a popular choice and the local Sports Direct store had a great supply of these. Champion is a world recognised sports brand so is perfectly suited to a sporty person or someone going into their teens before they knew what fashions senses there is.

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