Best Balut Tips


Taking together the most frequently asked questions about balut; I have come up with the best balut tips. From YouTube videos to articles and questions you will want to know what tips there is. There is tips for eating and tips for the simple question “Is balut safe to eat?”

  • Balut is safe to eat
  • Balut is made from fertilized duck eggs
  • It contains nutrients essential for survival
  • Make your own balut or go to your local balut maker
  • Balut is a delicacy from Filipino people in the Philippines
  • After buying let it cool down or after cooking
  • You can eat balut only hot after buying cold
  • Enjoy balut as part of a healthy diet
  • Cook balut by warming it with water in a pot or in the microwave
  • Balut is best at 17 days old


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