Having a strong back is important for every athlete and sports person. The crucial part is getting the best back workout routine. I have been scouring the web to find you the best routines. I have manged to round up three great routines for you.

1. 30 Min Back and Bicep Workout for Women & Men

This YouTuber has some fantastic and useful workout routine videos. They recommend using back and bicep to make for the best routine. This is certainly one of the best videos you can ask for. You can even see how many calories you are burning while doing the routine.

2. Full Back Workout (In just 23 MINUTES!!)

In a quick 23 minutes you can do a full back workout and this guy swears by it. He loads you full of info before guiding you on the workout. In this video you are sure to enjoy a thorough 23 minute back workout.

3. 30 Min Exercises for Lower Back and Hip Pain Relief

This YouTube video comes from the same user as the first. It is taken from the angle of using back workout routines for pain relief. Instead of focusing on building muscle you will be focusing on exercising for pain relief. Great for intervals with the previous workouts to mix things up a bit.


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