Best Accessories for Geeks


Do you want to get your geek on? I’m certainly getting my geek on when it comes to building this website. I feel like I want to dress like a geek. First I’ll have to work hard to achieve, yes being geeky. Let’s get into the geek world in st lye and wear the best accessories for geeks.

1. Geek Glasses

Geek style glasses are probably the best way to dress like a geek. Being a geek doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion. You can rightly turn to dressing in geek glasses to feel better about yourself or to impress.

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2. Geek T Shirt

The fad for t shirts might seem like its gone. But I haven’t stopped. Yesterday I was wearing my unicorn llama t shirt. What’s the most geek t shirt you can think to wear? And stop imagining unicorns.

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3. Geek Brand

Brand yourself geek by wearing only one brand of clothes or create your own. Feel like you are sponsoring yourself each time you dress. Get a geek code of dress and stick to it. Stand out as a geek.

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